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Catarrhal Fever

 Catarrhal Fever

With the eyes of the sufferer suffering from this fever, fluid like water from the nose starts to flow like a cough, there is pain in the body as there is cramps, with the pain in the head, it feels like something is dripping , Water is filled in the eyes and sneezes, the head remains heavy and vomits, and it keeps on flowing, there is also the problem of constipation and the jambhai continues, the eyes and mouth are feeling heavy, the eyes are red. It goes, the sound goes out, cough and chest pain. It becomes fever in the water, getting wet, cold, warming of the stomach, abruptly getting sweating from the body, reaching the cold from the heat in the cold, consuming curd and cough, etc..

Should not be cold, the body should always be covered, the nose should be massaged with mustard oil on top of the nose and on the chest. The patient should eat light stuff like paddy lava, greens and barley.

In the first stage of winter, when the patient's body is slightly warm, when the water goes down with the nose and eyes, then in such a situation, it is useful to eat a little camphor with water.

 Medicine with different drugs to cure winter fever:

1. Aconite:

If a patient is sneezing, the heat of the body has increased, the nose and eyes are flowing with water, restless and thirsty, in such a state, to correct the disease, acneite is of 3x or 6 power Using the disease cures the disease.

2. Elim Sipa:

The water of the patient's nose and eyes are falling, the sound has become heavy, the nose in the throat, frequent urination, pain in the hands and feet, and the disease in the warm room is increasing, with such symptoms Elim Sipa 3x should be used to fix the patient's disease.

3. Naxavom:

If the patient has a problem of constipation, after the nose is stopped, then this power can be used by the power of 30 to 30 power.

4. Epicak:

If the patient suffering from this disease is vomiting or nausea, then 3x of this drug can be used.

5. Arsenic:

If the water causing inflammation of the nose of the patient suffering from cold fever is blowing, then this quantity of 6 potions of this medicine should be used.

6. Beladona:

If the eyes of the patient suffering from cold fever have become red, do not sleep, there are symptoms of headache, then it should use its 6 power amount to cure its disease.

7. Bryonia:

If the patient is feeling pain in the chest and the head feels heavy on the winter, pain in the hands and feet and back, and if there is more constipation, then to correct the disease, 6 pounds of Brionia drug should be consumed. .
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