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Chicken pox - chechak

Chicken pox

★★★ Introduction:

When a person gets the disease of smallpox, it takes 10-15 days to recover the disease. But the stains on the face in this disease take about 5-6 months to recover. This disease is mostly in the spring season and summers. If this disease is not treated soon, then the patient may die due to this disease.

★★★ The pelvic disease is of 3 types:

1. Romantic or dowry mother

2. Myocardia (small mother or cold mother)

3. Big Mother (Sheetla Mata)

★★★ Romantic (dulari mata):

When a person gets the disease of Romantic, its rash goes out on the follicles of the skin of his body. That's why the smallpox is called romantic. The patient suffering from this type of smallpox does not die. Grains in this disease are cured in 2-3 days. This disease is high for children under 12 years of age. The rash of this disease is very fine. Chickenpox disease of the smallpox itself gets cured.

★★★ Romanticism (Dulari Mata) Symptoms:

In rheumatica, the red-colored rash starts on the patient's face, and when these rash leaves, the patient becomes fever and starts to become irritable. These rash take the form of frolics after 2-3 days and after a few days they start drying down.

★★★ Funk (Little Mother or Sheetal Mata):

When a person gets chicken pox disease, then the grains of lentil pulses start coming out on his body. That is why it is called chickenpox of coronary disease. It takes at least 11-12 days to recover the smallpox. Occasionally it takes too much time to recover the smallpox. Due to this smallpox, wounds also occur on the body, causing scars in the patient's body somewhere. Due to this disease the marks on the skin are cleaned after at least 2 months. This is very contagious disease. Grains of this disease come out in less than 10 days. When this disease is invasive, a lot of grains are released on the patient's body and within 5-6 hours of their release, the inflammation takes place and the rash starts appearing on the skin in 1-2 days. . If this disease is treated properly, then it will cure it in a few days.

★★★ Symptoms of psoriasis:

When the patient gets chickenpox, it becomes fever, it starts hurting in the head, his eyes are filled with water, and he gets cold. The patient does not like light, it coughs, starts chinping. In the incurable disease, the pesticides begin to arrive on the patient's body in less than 2 days. In this disease, rash sometimes goes without fever.

★★★ Big Mother:

In smallpox disease, a person with a major mother has a lot of trouble. It takes at least 20 to 30 days to recover the disease of the smallpox, and its marks remain lifelong on the skin.

★★★ Characteristics of Big Mother:

The large pimples of small pimples begin to come out on the body in the form of large arms, so it is called a big mother. When its grain grows, water starts flowing from them, and sometimes it also causes pimples and pus, and stench also develops. Due to this smallpox, the patient gets full attention in the eyes or the patient becomes deaf. The stains of this smallpox are dark and do not disappear throughout life. The person who has to get rid of smallpox, the appetite of that person dies, the taste of the patient's tongue gets spoiled, his body is lethargy, weakness and head There seems to be heavyness in The patient begins to feel constipation and also feels pain in his spinal cord.

★★★ Reason for pox disease:

The main reason for having any kind of smallpox disease is to get rid of the contaminated material in the body. It is an infectious disease that occurs from one person to the other. This disease is caused by taking cough and filthy substances.
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