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Constipation, Constipation treatment


★★★ Introduction:

The real root of having constipation is not to eat properly. If the stomach is home to the stomach then the intestine is the place of the origin of toxic elements. It gives rise to many diseases in which constipation is a major disease.

Constipation is a type of disease that is caused by an obstruction in the work of digestion. On the condition of this disease the physical system worsens, causing many stomach diseases. Due to this disease, the ability to work in the body decreases. Due to this disease, many types of diseases can occur, such as anxiety, pain in the stomach, gas formation, headache, pain in hands, dyspepsia, and piles etc.

★★★ symptoms of constipation disease:

Patients suffering from constipation are not prone to defecation. Patients suffering from crab disease, when they release stool, they have a lot of trouble. Sometimes glands are formed in feces. When the patient becomes dehydrated, he feels a little lighter. The tongue of the patient suffering from crab disease becomes white and flimsy. The gas in the stomach of the patient suffering from crab disease becomes more compact. When the sufferer leaves the gas, then he gets very bad smells.Any person suffering from crab disease, smells of the mouth too. In this disease, the patient feels very hungry. Pain in the head of the patient suffering from crab disease It keeps going black. Black becomes darker under the eyes of a person and the patient gets restless. The patient suffering from crab diseases has many other types of diseases such as acne, mouth ulcers, am Ta, irritability, arthritis, cataract eye and hypertension etc.

★★★ caused constipation:

Constipation can cause disease due to excessive consumption of fried things. Prevention of constipation can be caused by stopping the velocity of the urine and urine. Cold things such as ice cream, pastries, chocolate and cold drinks can cause constipation. Due to excessive use of painkiller drugs, constipation becomes a disease. Due to lack of physical activity and physical work, constipation is also a disease. There should be constipation due to lack of blood in the body and excessive sleep. There is also constipation disease due to drinking less water. Constipation can also be caused due to lack of food at the time. Due to poor diet, constipation can be a disease. Without milk and without bran Due to eating food can lead to constipation. Constipation can also be caused due to intake of bad food. Causes of constipation can also be caused due to excessive consumption of liquid substances. Due to the use of excessive smoking or narcotics B Maybe constipation disease.
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