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constipation home remedies: constipation treatment


constipation home remedies

★★★ Treatment of Natural Therapy of Constipation Disease:

To treat constipation, it should never be consumed by taking diarrhea, but the reasons for constipation should be removed and treatment should be done with natural treatment. For the treatment of crab, Roti and green leafy vegetables should be chewed and chewed. You should eat more and more baked food. The patient gets a lot of benefit from consuming more germinated grains. The person should consume more and more fruits. These fruits are: Papaya, orange, dates, coconut, guava, grapefruit, apple, cucumber, carrot, Sugarcane, bell, walnuts, figs etc. Drink lemonade, coconut water, fruits and vegetables, get relief from constipation, it is very beneficial. Drinking lots of juice of ghee will cause disease of the patient suffering from constipation The early cured raw constipation disease spinach juice daily drink morning and evening is cured in a few days. In this way treatment of constipation can be completely cured. The roger person should keep 25 grams of raisins in the night to soak it in water. By eating this raisins at the morning, it cures old and old constipation. It is very beneficial for the patients suffering from cows to eat 10 to 12 in the morning and in the evening. Mix lemon juice with hot water and drink it at night To recover the disease, Triphala powder should be consumed daily to cure the disease. The person should drink 2-4 glasses of water in the morning and then go for defecation To treat Kkbj individual patient should strip the soil or fabric 20 on your stomach for 25 minutes. By doing this action every day, the disease gets cured within a few days. After this the patient should cut the person and perform an enema and clean his stomach. The patient suffering from crab should go for the daily walk in the open air in the morning. The patient suffering from crab disease will have green color in the evening Should drink bottle of sun-dried water. As a result, it helps in cure diseases. After this, the husk of Isabgol can be taken. But there should not be any food in it. The person should not eat flour, gram flour, fried rice and pepper spicy things etc. The patient suffering from tuberculosis should consume about 5 minutes after feeding. If you wake up in the morning, then it starts coming soon. If you drink water to cure disease, it will cure constipation by doing various types of Asanas - Sarpasan, Kati-Chakrasan, Urdhastottatonasan, Uddarkarashasana and Padhastasan etc. If a person has constipation for a long time, then he should cut off in the morning and evening, and should sleep warm while on the stomach and drink at least 6 glasses of water per day The patient suffering from tuberculosis gets 1 teaspoon amla chutney mixed with lukewarm milk and drinking a glass of lukewarm water while sleeping at night. The patient suffering from crab disease should drink water in copper vessels at night Keeping it in the morning, defecation comes openly and does not constipate. Constipation is recommended to cut the patient suffering from crab diseases by cutting it with 2 apples in the morning and including peels. Ahia. This causes the patient's disease to be cured soon. By drinking 1 teaspoon of Iradi oil in the hot milk once a week, the disease of constipation gets cured within a few days. To avoid the disease, when the person becomes hungry The food should be eaten. The patient suffering from crab disease should keep the towel soaked in cold water on his pellet for at least 8 minutes, which results in cure diseases quickly.
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