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Deafness , ear disease

Deafness ,ear

Ear Diseases


Various pollution environments are spreading in today's times, the noise pollution affects humans to the highest. By the way, ear diseases are often due to the contamination of blood in the body.

There are many types of ear diseases, which have several reasons for being-


Due to deafening disease, the person does not hear anything from the ear. This disease is caused by the use of many types of medicines or many types of mis-food during childhood. By the way, when this disease occurs in childhood then at the same time there are many types of natural remedies to cure this disease, by which the disease is cured, but when this disease becomes very old, then it would have been difficult to fix it is.


If a person is suffering from diarrhea, then the patient should pay special attention to his diet. The patient suffering from this disease should be treated only in the early stages of the disease, otherwise the disease becomes obsolete and may have to face many difficulties in doing it. The patient suffering from dysplasia can never be treated with prostate and white Foods should not eat If these substances need to be eaten then they should also eat less. Patients suffering from bronchitis should not consume meat, lentil, sugar and egg etc. If the patient of adulthood needs to eat sweet, Junk or honey should be used. Patient suffering from bronchitis should always be consumed with simple and alkaline substances (juicy substance), which results in the patient being very depressed. That is beneficial. In the disease of bladder, the patient should give steam of hot water around his ears and ears for at least 2 times daily in the day, and with the fingers around the ears lightening -Halqi massage should be done. After this the ear should be washed with cold water and then the ears should be wiped with dry towels. After this, boiling the leaves of neem should be boiled in water. Then the water should be washed by cooling the water. After this, the ears should be washed again with the green bottle of sun-dried water. Then the ears should be cleaned with cotton wool. After this, at least 2 drops of oil of cardamom leaves should be inserted inside the ear and ears should be closed with dry cotton wool. Then, putting a wet clay strip around the ears, the woolen cloth should be tied for one-half hour from above. In this way, if treatment of deafness is made daily, then this disease of the patient is cured within a few days and other diseases of the ear are cured. For patients suffering from catarrh's disease every morning for 10 to 15 minutes You should boil and take a bath at feet once in the night while sleeping at night. If the sufferer suffering from bronchitis complains of constipation, then the patient should fast for 1-2 days or else F should drink juice materials and then a variety of curing many diseases Chahia.bhrepan and ears to clean the colon by enema action of exercise is cured deafness disease to whom.

 Exercise to repair deafness:

To correct the disease of deafness by exercise, firstly the patient should stand in combination with both legs. When standing in this situation, the person should keep his head straight and then head should be turned from right to left and left to right. During the exercise, the patient should keep his head straight then the patient should bow his head right on the right side. That the head should touch with the right shoulder After this the head should be straightened and again the head should be folded in the same way and tilt the head and touch the ear with the left shoulder. Repeat this verb several times.The roger should stand right while exercising. Then, with your fingers, the nasalandras should be suppressed and breathing deeply from the mouth. Then after some time prevent breathing inward and let the pressure on the ears with light shocks. To make the patient exercise, the head should be straightened and after this, you should keep your chest carefully. Then the patient with his middle finger should close the nostrils of your nose and the nostrils with the other thumb. After this, take a deep breath and press the chin on the chest. Stand in this condition for some time and then lift the chin up and exhale with your mouth. This action should be done 5 to 10 times. By doing this type of exercise, the patient's disease of deafness gets cured within a few days.
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