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★★★ Introduction:

When the heat of the body increases, it is called fever. If there is any irritation in any part of the body or any type of poison is found in the blood, the fever becomes a fever, which is called a fever or a heterogeneous fever once the fever recovers once again. The fever that always remains and does not cure is called non-fever. The fever which decreases after decreasing and decreases, is called a non-stop fever.

The presence of fever indicates that there has been any infection in the body somewhere. Normal temperature of the body is 98.6 fahrenheit or 36 degrees centigrade. Body temperature can be measured by using a thermometer in the mouth or in the armpit (in the ankles), but the temperature of these two places is approximately one degree fahrenheit.

★★★ Reason:

Too much diligence, menstrual cycle and at the time of ovarian degradation, due to high levels of eczema, infection of bacteria, viruses or fungus occurs in any part of the body, etc. causes fever. Fever is also caused by a variety of diseases such as cancer, mango, hormone growth, thyroid disease, lu, injury etc.

★★★ The following symptoms occur with fever:

1. Headache

2. Feeling weak in the body

3. Muscle Pain

4. Pain in the waist.

5. Coldness and stiffness come.

6. Feeling of unconsciousness or sometimes unconsciousness

7. Delirium (quibble in unconsciousness).

8. Excessive bleeding on the skin

9. Sweat from the body.

★★★ What to Do and Do not Do When Fever:

The patient suffering from fever should avoid physical and mental labor. Lack of fluid should be consumed for the lack of water in the body. The roger should be consumed with lentils and lentil pulses. Carbonic drinks, cold juices and fruits Just like cucumber, cucumber and banana should not be consumed. To reduce the fever, cold straps should be placed on the forehead. If you have more fever then wrapping the whole body in wet cloth benefits Patient you.Fever should be light and nutritious meal with vegetable juice and soup.
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