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Hearing (sound like a ringing ring in the ears):

Due to this disease, tears and many types of sharp sounds are heard. This disease is caused due to accumulation of some kind of mucus in the outer tube of the ear or the external part of the ear tube is closed due to any kind of contaminated material or any boil etc. This disease is also used due to the use of old colds of the nose or throat or a variety of medicines. This disease can also occur due to some kind of irritation in the ear.

 Treatment of Natural Remedies for Hearing (Hearing of Bells)

Ears should be washed by drinking water from the sunlight of green bottle twice daily. After this, the ear should be cleaned properly and then the patient should put oil of cardamom leaves in his ears. This results in a few days of having a recurring angle of the ear (a hearing in the ear). It is also beneficial to exercise to cure this disease. To exercise, gradually take long breath with the nostrils of the nose, as well as the nose cleansing, just leave the air in the nose with loud nose. By doing this type of exercise regularly in the morning and evening daily, this disease of the patient gets cured soon.

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