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Maleria , intermittent fev

Maleria , intermittent fever

 intermittent fever:

This fever becomes cured like malaria, etc. and then comes the second, third or seventh day. This fever is also called malaria because this fever comes to a halt, fever is broken and hence it is known as intermittent. In this fever the patient feels cold, the body remains warm, sweats from the body, and feels thirsty.

 Cerebral or malaria fever (intramantent fever or malaria) Treatment with various drugs:

1. Chininum Sulph:

This drug is also known as Cannin. Hahnemann had examined himself on the decoction of cinchona bark. Cinnamon is made from cinchona itself. The symptoms of malaria were revealed by consuming this drug on their healthy body. This led to the discovery of homeopathy. Because the symptoms of malaria are triggered by eating cuneiform on a healthy body, so the cuneiform malaria can cure fever. In this view, the use of cuneiform for malaria in Allopathy should be considered as homeopathic use. This medicine is also home to malaria in homeopathy. With malaria disease, the patient feels cold, if the body is warm and sweating, then to correct the patient's disease, chininum must be used from 1x to 3x of the liquid medicine. It is also used in allopathy, but more amounts are used which can cause damage, the patient may also be deaf, whereas in the homeopathic, its low or high strength is used.

2. China:

With the patient suffering from this disease, the body is warm and sweating, sweating before being cold, thirst is not frozen on the heat and heat climbs, you are feeling thirsty when sweating; Due to sweating, the body feels weakness. Use of 30 to 200 potency of Chinese medicine is beneficial to treat such symptoms. The fever of such a patient does not come at night, the next attack of fever comes two to three hours. Fever can occur on the seventh, fourteenth day.

3. Arsenic:

The condition of cold and heat is not fully developed, either too much of any one of these two states or at least one stage, but sweat is not at all, thirst does not seem to be thirsty, the heat Drinking a little bit, drunken water in the state, being extremely thirsty in the state of sweating, increased fever at 12 o'clock at night, restlessness, etc. These types of symptoms include malaria or any organism When should treatment 30 Arsenic.

4. Epicak:

If there is no special symptoms even if the patient has a fever, then in this condition, it is beneficial to use the amount of 30 potency of the epicacable drug to cure the patient's disease. To correct malaria fever, firstly this drug should be used. Before the cold or in the event of cold and heat, the patient's weakness or nausea This drug can be used to treat patients suffering from this type of symptom.


If the patient's fever comes at the same time according to the clock need, then this medicine should be treated with the strength of 3.

6. Natrum mur:

If a patient starts to climb fever from 10 am to 11 o'clock, if there is a blister blisters on the lips, then in this type of condition, the amount of 200 potency of natram murur should be used to cure the patient's disease. This drug can be used to cure the old malaria fever. If the fever has been suppressed by using more cognine and due to which there have been many symptoms in the patient, then it is necessary to use the natrum murra medicine to remove it. The suppressed fever may return but it will not return to this medicine, or return, it will be destroyed again.

7. Lycopodium:

If there is malaria or any other fever between the four to eight o'clock in the evening, it is beneficial to use 30 or 200 power of this drug to cure it.

8. Carbo Wedge:

To remove the old malaria, the quantity of 30 potions of this drug should be used. In the state of the cold, the body of the patient is completely like the ice, it can use this medicine to cure the patient's disease with such symptoms.

9. Sulfur:

If there is no benefit on the treatment of different types of medicines after fever, then the amount of 30 or 200 power of sulfur should be used. It is also useful to repair new and old malaria diseases.

10. Nux Vomika:

With the patient getting cold, the body is getting warm and sweating, the patient feels so cold that he has to wrap the cloth. Shaking of winter from any body part of the body is shaky. The garment does not seem to keep the lid, but it does not even go unnoticed. The body feels irritation like fire but can not remove the cloth, it shakes even after removing. To treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom, using Nux Vomica 30 potency of the medicine gives benefits.

11. Utpatrym Perf:

If there is a severe pain in the patient suffering from fever, then the amount of 1 power of this medicine should be used to treat it.
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