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Malta Fever

Malta fever
malta fever 

Malta Fever

This disease is most often seen in the districts of India, Philippine Island and the Mediterranean Coast. This disease is especially high in Malta Island. For this reason it is called Malta Fever. This disease is caused by macrococcal malignancy virus, which occurs in goat's milk and when it is consumed by milk, the bacteria enter the body and Malta becomes fever.


Malta fever remains hidden in the inner parts of the body for a week, after which suddenly sudden discharge appears in the form of fever, which also lasts for two to three weeks. After this, there is a fever in two to four days and then it gets cured and again after fever, it remains in the form of non-permanent fever for five to seven months in the patient. With this fever, the patient has problems of constipation, there is pain in the muscles and bones, pain on the joints of the bones. Sometimes this disease does not cure for many years.

The patient suffering from this disease should be kept separate, his excretion should be carefully removed, it should be bathed with light hot water. If the patient's body temperature exceeds 105 degrees, then the body or body should be wiped with cold water. The patient should not give goat milk.

Malta Fever Medicine from various drugs

1. Bryonia: The amount of 3x, 30 power of this medicine is used in the first stage of Malta Fever disease.

2. Baptisia: Use of this drug is beneficial to use its 6 power or 3x volume to cure Malta fever.

3. Arsenic: Using Arsenic Medicine, Malta can use 3x or 6 power to cure fever. To correct Malta fever, you can use a variety of medicines which are as follows: 3x of ferm-phosphorus, 1x of cyanothus, 30 power of natram-mure, 30 power of mercury, 3x decay of arse-iod , 3 power of phosphorus, 30 power of sipia, 6 to 30 power of lyko, 3x of symisifuga, 3 or 30 power of juice-to-mouth etc.
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