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Multiple Sclerosis treatment

Multiple Sclerosis

★★ Introduction:

Multiple sclerosis is a nervous system and this disease persists for a long time. Due to this disease, the delusional substance which keeps the nerves covered, destroys the circulatory system of the muscles due to which the function of the muscle slow down or stops. This disease is more to women.

★★★ Signs of Multiple Sclerosis Disease:

Many patients with different diseases show different symptoms. Patients suffering from this disease are exposed to the first strong symptoms and these symptoms disappear after a few weeks or months. The symptoms of this disease can sometimes be seen and it may be that the disease is not attacked anytime of the lifetime. In the early stages of this disease, the patient is exhausted and his mental balance worries. The hands and feet of the patient suffering from this disease become weak and become numb. There are many kinds of problems in the patient's eyes and the patient starts having problems speaking. The patient does not control urine and his urine is released automatically.

★★★ Due to Multiple Sclerosis Disease:

The most prominent cause of this disease is unbalanced food and drink. Due to the wrong way of eating, the contaminated substance is accumulated in the patient's body, due to which the person gets the disease. Due to extreme mental stress, this disease can occur to a person.

★★★ Treatment of Natural Sclerosis:

In order to treat multiple sclerosis, the patient should be given the patient for at least 5 days to consume fruits and vegetables, and the patient should ask for the fasting and after this, The stomach should be cleaned. As a result, the blood of the body gets cleansed and the contaminated fluid gets out of the body and this disease of the patient gets cured within a few days. Patients suffering from multiple scalerosis have consumed all kinds of fruits and vegetables according to season. Because these substances are very beneficial for the patient. These fruits are: - Gumender, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, radish, tomatoes etc.. Patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis should eat fruits containing vitamin 'B' and 'E' and eat more sprayed grains. If the patient is exhausted, then he should rest maximum to remove his exhaustion. In this way, the treatment of naturopathy can cure the patient's disease within a few days.
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