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natural remedies chicken pox

★★★ Natural Remedies chikenpox Disease:

The patient suffering from chickenpox disease should be sprayed on the skin of chickenpox during the day. In this way, the treatment of chickenpox starts to heal from day to day treatment. To correct pimples, the patient should rest at the cleansing places and he should consume more milk and fruits in the diet. . If the patient is suffering from constipation then he should act as an enema. In this way, this disease is cured within a few days. In the disease of smallpox, the patient should rest in the shadow and keep in mind that where he is resting, the place is clean and airy. Ho. The patient should wash his eyes with rose water or alum water 2-3 times in a day, and after this, the mascara of good quality basilin or pure ghee should be applied to protect the eyelids from the adhesive. The patient should perform an enema with lukewarm water daily and drink more quantity of water. Mixing lemon juice mixed with water in the water gives a lot of benefit to the patient. The patient should not eat anything until the fever goes away. When the fever recovers, the patient should drink fruit juice. The patient should eat fruits and vegetables in the afternoon. After this, the patient should drink 1 glass of milk and fruit juice in breakfast after 3-4 days, then the normal food should be eaten. In this way, treatment of naturopathy helps in reducing pancreatic chickenpox soon. If smallpox stains are too old, then it is very difficult to cure. When chickenpox grows dry and starts to dry, then clean the wet clay coating well for a few days, the scalp stains are removed in a few days and the face of the patient becomes clearer too. The disease of the elder mother To repair the bitter gourd, 10 ml juice of bitter gourd and fruit, mix one spoon of honey and get rid of the patient three times a day, to get rid of it. Boil the bitter gourd and boil in water. Then, after lukewarming that water, give the patient daily at least 3 times daily. This improves the disease of big mothers in a few days. Mix 3-4 leaves of Pepper and 7 black peppers together by mixing it in water and feeding the patient for 3 days, the bigger mother gets cured. Applying on the lesions of the smallpox, it removes the irritation of the patient and the wounds are heated quickly. To treat the patient suffering from chakker's disease, firstly, the patient should be fasting for some days. Be it During fasting, the patient should drink lemon juice in water and drink at least 6 times in the day and act as an enema with lukewarm water so that the stomach can be cleaned. In the morning and evening, the patient should perform ablution and meditation. Make anointing of Ankola oil, flour and turmeric together to remove the marking marks. By applying this coating for a few days on the face, the scalp stains are removed from the face and the face is cleansed. The root of the baffle, the cottage, the burning of the reindeer, the filings of the Ardna and the ointment, 1-1 grams of butter Grind the milk in the milk and make the paste. Applying this paste on smallpox marks for a few days, the marks are cleared within a few days. Prepare a paste by mixing the hand pulp of the hand, mixing Arni's filings and soap together. Put this coating on the smallpox marks on the face while sleeping at night and wash the face with water after getting up in the morning. This way, after brushing on face daily, smallpox stains in a few days and the face becomes very clean and beautiful.
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