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★★★ Introduction:When a person gets psoriasis, it does not take the name of the cure quickly. This is not the disease of contagiousness. This disease does not have a fatal effect on any part of the body. When this disease occurs to someone, then the beauty of that person becomes useless and the person starts to look crappy. If this disease is not crappy and it is not itchy then it can be easily restored with psoriasis.
★★★ Symptoms of Psoriasis Disease:
When a person gets psoriasis, rashes of red or brown grains come out on any part of his body. Sometimes its grains are just like pins. These rash are mostly on elbows, shin, waist, ear, knee back and skull. Occasionally this disease is of nomenclature and sometimes the effect of this disease is on the whole body. Many times the patient is not even estimated to have this disease. In the part of the body, the disease of this disease emerges in that part of it and it also causes a lot of anxiety to the person. The increase in psoriasis is also very sharp due to itching. Many times it is not itchy. When the patient is diagnosed with this disease, the patient gets anxiety and depression too, and for mental reasons, its itching becomes even faster.
Due to the occurrence of psoriasis, there may be other diseases such as colds, nose, digestive tract diseases, tonsil etc. If this disease is 5-7 years old then there may be rheumatism.
★★★ Reasons to be Psoriasis:
There may be psoriasis due to any disease in the endocrine glands. Due to any malfunction, there may be disease. There may be psoriasis due to excessive sensitivity and neuralgia. The soil Due to the mis-methods of drinking and consuming unbalanced food and contaminated food, psoriasis can be a disease. To live unmanaged life, life's failures, problems, anxiety and allergic reactions. Rann can also get this disease.
★★★ Treatment with Natural Medicine on the Occurrence of Psoriasisr

In order to cure this disease, the patient should drink fruit juice (carrot, cucumber, sugar beet, white peeta, cauliflower, gourd, fruit juice etc.) for 1 week. After this, for a few weeks, the patient should eat unbaked food such as fruit, salad, sprouted pulses etc and after this, balanced food should be done. The patient should consume more fruits, salads in his diet. In this way, if the patient is treated then his psoriasis is cured within a few months. Patients suffering from psoriasis may eat milk or made foods, meat, egg, tea, coffee, coffee, coffee, sugar, Do not consume fried things, sour foods, canned foods, radish and onions. Grind coconut, sesame seeds and soya bean and mix it in milk and drink it every day to give the patient a lot of benefit. The patient gets a lot of benefit from consuming it every day. By consuming more vitamins containing 'E', this disease is cured within a few months.Jau, millet and jowar bread suffer from this disease Very beneficial for the patient. By drinking 4 liters of sun-dried green bottle of water every day and by applying coconut oil on the grains of sun-green green bottle, psoriasis is cured. Psoriasis The patient suffering from the disease should breathe deep into the open air in the morning and should take sun bath. After this, boil the neem leaves in water and bath the patient with that water and should take a bath with that water once in a week by putting salt in water. The patient should clean the stomach by performing an enema daily and should fast for a few days. The patient should walk barefoot on green grass for a period of time. In this way, treatment of naturopathy can improve psoriasis.
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