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TB, treatment with various drugs

treatment with various drugs

treatment with various drugS

TB or decay (tuberculosis) (phthicul and hectric fever) treatment with various drugs:

1. Phosphorus:

Emptiness and weakness are felt in the chest of the patient suffering from this disease, the patient's mind develops at a faster pace than the body. Using 30 power amounts to recover TB benefits but its Use is useful in the early stages of the disease, when the disease increases, neither it should be given in the low power nor in the higher power. Using both of these powers, it is adverse to the patient. Ta Such patients the disease should not be the power of 30 Foss above 200 or below to recover and he must not repeat.

2. Cilicia:

30 potency of this drug is used in the increased condition of T.B. With the effect of this medicine, the action of pub-making in the lungs is controlled and the disease does not progress further.This disease is right from the root There is no other medicine except for the medicine of Silesia, but there should be such symptoms for the patient to use this medicine. The patient suffering from TB is not well in cold, moist air and is very happy. Interpretation is get him some rest.

3. Pulcetilla:

Cough of TB sufferers comes to be thick, yellow and green; fever increases in the evening time, does not feel thirsty, comes sweat from side to side, wounds in the chest and pressure feels, The patient looks healthy to see but his body remains yellow, there is a lack of blood in the body and the spit is snuffed. Using 30 power to treat the patient suffering from this type of symptoms, It does.


The stomach of the patient suffering from TB remains empty, there is a pain in the lungs on the right side. The use of its 200 power is beneficial to treat such symptoms.

5. Kelly Carb:

It is beneficial to use 30 potency of this drug to cure T.B. It is particularly beneficial for those patients who develop this disease after plurici and there is pain like dipping in the chest. It is useful to cure the disease of patients whose lungs have been ulcerated, it can hardly be cured without it. The spleen of the patient suffering from this disease is round, the disease increases at three o'clock in the morning, the patient's feet The touch in the ponds is not tolerated, the throat falls, the swelling on the eyelids, especially the upper part, the chest becomes weak.This is a very beneficial remedy for the patient suffering from such symptoms.

6. Acetic Acid:

Tuberculosis sufferers get perspiration from the whole body of the patient at night. It is beneficial to use 3 to 30 amounts to treat the patient suffering from these symptoms, which results in the recovery of this disease.
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