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Tuberculosis fever , fever

Tuberculosis fever

Tuberculosis fever

This fever is caused due to the absence of a woman after childbirth, etc. This fever does not increase due to the suppressed fever of the woman but if the fever goes away due to milk in the breasts, then in such a situation, this disease can be cured by some short-term medicines such as aconite. But if the child's fever comes as a contaminated fever, long-term medicines will be needed, in which sulfur, lycopodium, feram mate and pulsatile drugs are main.

 Medicine from various drug-related fevers:

1. Sulfur:

Feeling emptiness in the stomach, feeling hungry at 11 o'clock in the feet of a woman suffering from childbirth, trouble increases over night, hot steam from the body, heat waves of each other In the case of a woman's patient, she gets benefit from using 30 power of sulfur medicines because it is the best medicine of contaminated fever. If after the operation, the woman begins to become a childbirth, then with the fever, the heat waves arise from the body, then using this medicine will cure the disease.

2. Pyrogen:

When the childbirth-fever becomes septic and the woman suffering from this disease will have a cold, along with all the vibrations in the body, these two symptoms are repeatedly seen, sometimes cold, sometimes with some vibration and pulse If there is no ratio in the pulse and body temperature, then the amount of 200 potions of pyrozone drug should be used.

3. Lycopodium:

The sweating of the woman suffering from childbirth is also being sweated, along with other symptoms of childbirth-fever, due to shivering and tremors are not stopped, the woman suffering from such symptoms To recover the disease, the use of 30 power of lycopodium drug is beneficial. To correct the disease of the patient suffering from such symptoms, pyrozene, lyoko and sulfur etc. can also be treated.

4. Ferram Mate:

The face of a woman suffering from a pain-fever can be red-blue and thirsty when it is cold and not thirsty at other times. If the face is reddish in the cold, sweating all the body, then in such a situation, it is beneficial to use the quantity of 1x, 2 power, and 6 power of this drug to cure the disease of the woman. The patient suffering from this type of symptom should not be treated with any other medicine. If the woman has become more vulnerable then its low power should be exercised.

5. Pulcetilla:

A part of the body of the victim suffering from a prostate is warm, the other is cold, the woman is prone to crying, the tears flow, the trembling fear, the neurological (nevstim) weakness, and the feeling of restlessness as well. To treat the woman suffering from this type of symptoms, Pulcetilla uses 30 potency of the drug. The patient's body comes to sweat on one side only, not on the other side, it is heated on one side and cold on the other side.
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